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Creative Diwali Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

Traditional and Modern Diwali Gifts:

The festival of lights or as known with the name Diwali is listed as one of the most popular carnivals in India, during which people are happy, meet one another and exchange gifts. Though each one of us eagerly anticipates the diwali festival and conducts himself / herself in the thrilling mood during the festival, it is a slightly worrying thought to ponder about what would be the best diwali gifts to present to our beloved ones. This article will discuss both traditional and modern Diwali gifts with emphasizing on the fact that the gifts are wanted and will be appreciated.

Here, we present some of the most traditional Diwali gifts as a means of embracing the triumph of light over darkness.

Traditional Diwali gifts are special in different ways because they personify a period of civilization and culture that has been inherited from time immemorial. Condiments or what is also known as mithai plays a crucial role and holds a special place in Diwali gifts. The tasty and pleasing sweets include made ups ladoo, barfis, besan barfis, mewa barfis, mini barfis, mini kits, 500 gm box ladoo, kaju barfis and beautiful boxed sweets.

The diya or oil lamp is another traditional gift item and is as popular as ever. For Diwali, gifting pretty lanterns made from the clay, brass, or silver are more endearing than plain boxes or commodity items as they hold a place of reverence in Indian culture as symbols of light and spirituality. Furthermore, items such as sarees, kurtas or ethnic jewelry are equally admired as it supports Indian tradition and beautiful craftsmanship of our country during festivals.

The Popular Diwali Gifts of Today’s Festive Celebrations

Thus, while traditional Gifts have a permanent look on people, the modern World Diwali Gifts are more liked by the present day consumer. Modern gifts to gadgets and other pieces of technology and their accessories are a good gift idea to take. From new generation handsets and smart watches to fashionable headphones and portable charging devices these are some of the best innovative gifts for tech savvy family and friends.

A Balance Between Tradition and Contemporary in Diwali Gifts

Subtle twists and different aspects of ordinary and advanced Diwali gifts make it easier to make your celebration far more unique. Thus, keeping in mind that golfing is still a classic sport, it is possible to incorporate modern elements into them. For example, you can arrange a gift basket in the form of traditional Indian sweets and eastern plight lamps adorned along with a modern gadget or item.

COOK Regarding the last theme, it is also possible to list eco-friendly gifts as the means to strike this balance. Keep abreast with the ever growing environmental consciousness and think about “green rsquo; gifts such as organic soaps sets, reusable cooking utensils, plantable greeting cards etc.

In this regard, one needs to take into account the sex, age, occupation, hobbies and the general preference of the person they are buying Diwali giftsDiwali gifts to. For immediate family, sweets, diyas and ethnic wear never go waste, this is surely not a thing of the past but present too. As for friends, apart from the traditional birthday cards and chocolates, you can go for the contemporary and convenient gifts such as electronics, customized accessories, and gourmet baskets. However children would prefer a mix between traditional panto and the modern high tech gifts. In addition to traditional candy and new clothes for the holiday, it is also possible to offer a toy or book with lessons on counting, painting, or creating various masterpieces with figures during festivities.


A Diwali is all about the essence of celebration – the ability to be surrounded by friends and family, to share a joke, a laugh, a smile, or simply a word of warmth The value of relations that are enhanced by small gifts cannot be understated. Diwali gifts can either be in the traditional way that covers what is more related to Diwali or it can be in the modern way and what is current in the world today; whichever way that you choose to give out the gifts, what really counts is the joy, the representation brings out in the representative. This guide will assist its readers to avert all those known and unknown complications in order to utilize the multitude of opportunities that come along with Diwali Gift Giving to enlighten the recipients as much as the festival is felt across the globe.

Happy Diwali can be Fry and trendy, so when designing the Diwali home décor or gift, do not be bored with the traditional way of thinking go out of the box. Happy Diwali!

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