Latest Punishing: Gray Raven Gift Codes for June 2024: Unlock Exclusive Rewards

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Gift codes are those magical alphanumeric strings that the developer sprinkles on us. You can exchange these alphanumeric for various types of rewards, even if you’re looking for Constructs, R&D tickets, experience, and more, to boost up your account to some extent. Punsing: Gray Raven developers more and less released dozens of codes every month. However, June 2024 has not been lucky, only 2 active codes are up for grabs. But something better than nothing right?

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How to Redeem PGR Gift Codes

Most people consider redeeming codes one of the hardest tasks, but in reality, it’s easy as pie. Firstly, if you are just gonna start playing on the new account, completing the tutorial and understanding the game is part of the process. But for old players, you guys only have to follow these steps, and you’ll be rolling in rewards in no time:

Steps to Redeem Codes
  1. Log In: Start the Punishing Gray Raven and log in to your own account.
  2. Access the Main Screen: Now, Head over to the main screen of the game.
  3. Tap on the Notification Icon: This little icon is your gateway to freebies, located on the left side of the screen.
  4. Enter the Code: At the bottom right, there’s a box waiting for you to type in your gift code. Punch it in and hit the redeem button. Voila! Rewards!

Alternative Gift Codes Redemption Methods

Sometimes, the developer also collaborates with other brands and generates code that mostly needs you to head over to the outside of the game to redeem those codes 

Developers mix it up by allowing code redemption through their website, mobile app, or even special in-game event pages. Be cautious with these types of codes and only trust codes from the Developer, as most of the time, these types of codes are spread by hackers to hack your valuable accounts.

Latest Punishing Gray Raven Gift Codes for June 2024

Here’s the juicy part you’ve been waiting for—this month’s active gift codes. Codes may have use limits or expiration so, redeem them pronto before they expire!

Active Codes
  • pgrgift0g: By redeeming this code you’ll get an S Rank Construct and other in-game items (Taiwan and Global servers).
  • stigmata0g: It’s only available for the Taiwan server users.
Latest PGR Expired Codes
  • Crimsonweave10g
  • pgr1000day0g
  • grayraven2nd10g
  • Pb26ji40g
  • Pb5dj6s0g
  • bpne5v0g

 Benefits of Using Gift Codes in Punishing Gray Raven

1. Gift Codes Give Us Freebies

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Gift codes give you in-game items or currency for free, which saves you precious time and money.

2. Gift Codes Reveal Exclusive Content

Some codes unlock items that you can’t get any other way. This means rare characters, unique skins, and more goodies to show off.

3. Gift Code Boost Happiness to our Gameplay

These rewards can give you a significant boost in the game. Whether it’s leveling up your characters or stocking up on resources, gift codes are a game-changer.

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