SeaWorld’s Thrill Rides: A Guide to the Best Roller Coasters and Water Rides


SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is among the epitome of an incredible marine park for all ages located in Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Nestled in 183000 sq mtr the park has nTouch Moderate marine animals more than 15000 including dolphins, whales seals and penguins. For amusement lovers, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is a fantastic place of enjoyment but at the same time, they enlighten the conservation, education and the research department.

Thrilling Rides and Shows

Among the attractions at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, there are fantastically interesting attractions for fun-lovers of any age and intention. The key theme parades at the park are the Dolphin Days, Sea Lion High, and the One Ocean shows that involve five orca whales from captivity. You can also have more fun when you walk around the park, see the Mako, Kraken, and Manta that are types of roller coaster rides. It also offers a Shark Encounter, and Sea Turtle Cove and several other rigged and engaging attractions.

Conservation Efforts

What is more, the focus of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is education and the care for nature. The park also the given activities: rescue, rehabilitation and/or release of injured marine mammals, studies and other educational activities intended at increasing attentiveness of marine conservation in Ecuador. The park also includes a combo of other activities and attractions that would join the visitors and provide them with the knowledge on marine wildlife and  care  of the environment.

Animal Encounters

Animal interactions available for tourists include: SeaWorld Abu Dhabi invites tourists to touch, feed and interact with park animals. Possibilities to reach out: Attend an animal encounter and pet dolphins, sea lions, and penguins; participate in an animal feeding. It also has a variety of backstage tours where you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the Washed Ashore exhibit or actually step into the water and sea with dolphins and sea lions through the Dolphin Trainer Tour and the Sea Lion Tour respectively.

Visitor Information

Ticket options available at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi include both online booking and directly at the site, and the park is always open for visitors throughout the year. The visitors could also get the best out of the free gifts, vouchers, and Bouquet available in the park and also known as the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Annual Pass. Boasting the amazing rides, delightful shows, and awesome exhibits that the SeaWorld brand is famous for, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is a not-to-be-missed experience especially for those into marine wildlife and the conservation of the same.


SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is a leading marine life park that offers the ultimate and fun vacation thrill to human beings especially families. For instance, the governor confesses that the establishment has provided the leadership in marine conservation with direction given its focus in education, conservation as well as research. Go – if you’re an adventurer or just an animalarian and fans of sea organisms to nature and more, especially SeaWorld Abu Dhabi deserves to be visited. So why wait? Experience this wonderful park as you travel on a view of your dream world at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi today.

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